1. outoftownfilms:

    Hey Philly friends. We just wanted to let you know about the house show we’ll be hosting in October. The lovely SoKo will be playing a special performance in our living where several of our sessions have been filmed. We would love to have you come hang out so please do. Find all the details over at the Facebook event page

    Come hang, plus dance party afterwards


  2. outoftownfilms:

    Tim Carr “Now, Now” / Out of Town Films

    Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Tim Carr, recently went out on tour supporting his dear friend Dia. On their stop in Philly before playing the Tin Angel we took them to an abandoned pier in Fishtown where they each played us two songs. The carefree kids jumping into the Delaware river (something we highly discourage) provided a nice contrast to Tim Carr’s sulky love song, “Now, Now”.


  3. A few weeks ago I went with the band Holy Ghost, vicemag, and a bunch of volunteers from budweisermadeinamericafestival to an island in the Delaware river to clean it up. We’ll I didn’t clean it up but I did take photos of the whole thing. Here’s a few of them and here’s the video Vice made of the whole operation. 



  4. Jamie XX at Union Transfer 


  5. A few more Kanye West Photos from the Philadelphia version of Made In America 


  6. Everybody was turned up at the Philadelphia Made In America Festival


  7. Some Kanye West photos I took for noiseymusic that weren’t used in the article about his Philadelphia Made In America performance. 


  8. Sun Club post outoftownfilms session on the roof.


  9. nevver:


    (Source: Paris)


  10. Stills from the marianmclaughlin  outoftownfilms​ shoot today.