1. colinkerrigan:

    Here’s the first Out of Town Films session I was able to shoot since breaking my ankle over the summer. Almost 2.5 months break from shooting sessions. It was weird. This is also our first session featuring a drone footage. The drone was operated by roccoavallone


    Christopher Denny “God’s Height” / Out Of Town Films



  3. Truck in New Orleans


  4. Pat


  5. Pat and Leanne at the beach


  6. Grandma, Peter, and Peter’s wife (I’m forgetting her name because I’m a bad person). Hanging out on Beaver Lake, Wisconsin. 


  7. A young couple. Summer 2014 alexcramer & leanne


  8. alexcramer this summer at the shore. 35mm


  9. Teen played us some songs for outoftownfilms 


  10. michaeljamesmurray in his element. 35mm