1. This past weekend we had a great outoftownfilms shoot with A Sunny Day In Glasgow. Can’t wait to share it. 


  2. Fun little shoot inside Eastern State Penitentiary today


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  6. pepefritto:


    the future is here and it’s horrible

    sto rotolando

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  7. A hydroponic live wall that I made from glass bottles and reclaimed wood to grow edible plants inside my apartment.


  8. Merica, fuck ya


  9. In 2012 I went with colinkerrigan and his cousin Tim to the Normandy beaches. Their grandmother’s brother took part in D-Day but did not survive the war. After ignoring a groundskeeper persistent that they stay off the wet grass they found his grave.


  10. Courtney Barnett at our CMJ outoftownfilms session with her in her Chinatown Air BnB apartment. She was  exhausted from all the shows she was playing but mustered enough energy to play her hit Avant Gardener.